The Tennis Curmudgeon

Welcome To The Tennis Curmudgeon

Welcome To The Tennis Curmudgeon.

Beginning May 5th The Tennis Curmudgeon will bring you the best tennis commentary and information.

But then again, that may be a stretch.

The Tennis Curmudgeon is a consortium of tennis players and fans assembled to have some fun with tennis. Our staff includes retired tour pros and current hackers.

What we will offer within these pages is humor and parody. Although useful information may slip through you can bet we’ll be working hard to nip that in the bud!

All content of The Tennis Curmudgeon © 2010-2017 The Tennis Curmudgeon


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I like the the idea of you offering humor and parody.. a less boring way of keeping up with up to date information…

Comment by

Still writing? or spending too much time on courts to write too. . .?

Comment by dreamstreamr

I wish! We’ve been spend too much time IN the courts! Not everyone likes their tennis with a slice of curmudgeon!

Sadly, The Tennis Curmudgeon is another good idea there just seem to be not enough time for.

It’s not dead, we do talk about it, but it’s all about finding the time to play. Just like the actual game.

Thanks for letting us know someone is interested.

Comment by boundandgags

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