The Tennis Curmudgeon

Head Wrapped Bandanna Boys

I caught my grandson the other day out on the court with his hair tied up like his momma’s. Crazy kid has long hair and listens to that thump thump thump and the wang wang wang they call metal music or some ridiculous horse shit. My daughter and jerk son in-law finally got him out of his room and to play outside. They finally got him playing tennis. And now he’s got his long hair all pulled back, tied up, and bandanna wrapped like he was Barbie doll or something.

And where does he get this from? He gets this from the bad example these guys on tour set! What’s with these guys? Does everyone have to be a long haired rock star wannabe? What a mess. Look at Nadal. After a match and he takes that headband off that’s soggier than an old bar towel soaking up vomit in the tournament’s host hotel bar, and you can barely see his face! Every five seconds he’s running his hand thru his hair, trying to get it out of his eyes. Guys like David Nalbandian, Mardy Fish, Baghdatis–they all got the long hair, pulled back into a bun and topped off with a head wrap. Even the great Federer started out like that but he wised up. Oh yes, indeed. Once he got off to a losing record against Nalbandian, ol’ Feds, he cut his hair and stopped primping and getting his hair right before matches and started concentrating on getting stoic before matches.

Back in my day, you didn’t see Connors with a freak flag. You didn’t see Newcomb in a pony tail. You didn’t see Ashe sporting a  towering mighty afro. Okay, that guy Borg had shoulder length hair, but he was a Swede. They got that weird Euro thing going on over there; I don’t know why they have to be so foreign and all but they are. And McEnroe with his headband and brillo-like hair—-he wanted to be Borg. It’s so funny how the guy has a man-crush on Borg these days; no wonder Borg went underground for many years, living in Italy or wherever, just to get away from Mac fawning all over him. But that’s just how these head wrapped bandanna boys are these days.



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